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Awesome! Love you videos!
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My kids asked me why it's called a weed eater, I told them back in the day there was this horse-drawn device they used to cut Fields called a Dieter. Later on somebody invented a small one you can use by yourself and called it a wee Dieter
xcheeseburgersaladx 6 timmar sedan
Hey Dustin. I recently watched Seaspiracy on Netflix and I'm distraught. Commercial fishing (even the "sustainable" kind) is causing way more damage to our planet than all the plastic on the ocean is. I was wondering if your mind could possibly come up with a solution for this problem. We're killing too much of our ocean and if feels like nothing is gonna get done about it.
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This is the embryo of force fields
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Men's Journals at toilet. i expected something. First time heard about cribbage.
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Lol I can’t get over how they’re watching some extreme ice expedition show on the tv at 8:58 like as if being on a sub isn’t extreme enough
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I want to know what kind of injuries did yhe sailor sustain.... You LEFT the most interesting part out-What kind of injuries were sustained and how and what was done about it.
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Sharpsquare btw this is beyblade but much more dangerous
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I’ve never been one to subscribe. I have only ever been subscribed to Jerryrigeverything. You’re submarine series was absolutely interesting witch lead me to browse you’re older videos. As a baseball fan I LOVE the high speed bat hitting the ball 700+ feet and the pressure cannon blowing baseballs Mac1. Which also lead me to you’re video in conjunction with the other guy beating you’re distance record with the explosive bat. With all that said I’m happy to say I have subscribed to you’re channel, can’t wait to see what-else you come up with.
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does the freezer light go out when you close the door?
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Very enjoyable video and when you pulled it all together at the end, when things go bad, "stay anchored" and "go towards the light", I got goose bumps. That's a great sale for God.
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@SmarterEveryDay Destin, awesome video! I want you to know there's also a way to break in with inaudible frequency waves attacks, this is due to non-linearity properties on MEMs microphones. There are a lot of paper addressing this issue as well, maybe you could do a video about it. Looking foward to it!
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Gladiators or glaweedeaters?
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Everybody should read the book Big Red! about a boomer. it is GREAT!! it tells you how amazing Navy Chiefs are.
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At 5:59 at 0.1x speed, the exact frame that you see the tip of the 50bmg hit the plate, it looks like there is a spark / flash of light at the point of energy transfer... any explanation?
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wtf who calls these weedeaters their called weed whackers
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“As an experimental weapons tester” Wait, what?!
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Meanwhile Indian Driving School(cars) teachers..............
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Completed this today. Failed my first time, so I went back and finally got it. Thankfully I'll never have to do it again! 😅
Flat earthers are probably going to get triggered
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“What did you do in the Navy?” “Making bread from scratch. We love making bread”
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So icebergs don't make sound...so how do you see them with passive sonar? Or do you have to use active?
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I don't know why, but this is my favorite! This is probably the least scientific episode/video, but it does something for me. Prolly PTO and Pecans.
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Grr. Arg. I thought this was going to be Zeno's paradox of the arrow, and it isn't.
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Can a pullie system make a small water wheel hydro more efficient?
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Thanks Destin, interesting video as always. Why do they use the polar coordinate vs time graph instead of transforming it to something intuitive/easier to interpret without mistakes? Surely you could just have a more user friendly display with appropriate uncertainties around the positions, headings and velocities displayed that anyone could read. This is the bread and butter of robotics simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM).
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