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Cesar Aguilar 46 minuter sedan
9;18 lol
Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency 46 minuter sedan
SEmost recommendations making me subscribe to random people...
Yod Yodhi
Yod Yodhi Timme sedan
I call it a wipper snipper
iam here
iam here Timme sedan
Is this , they says stuck in artic??
Mileshanson UA9
Mileshanson UA9 Timme sedan
My dad was on subs for 20 years he’s told me some pretty cool stories about trailing Russian subs in the Arctic. USS Trepang. Respect for all those dudes.
mr. noe 87
mr. noe 87 Timme sedan
He’s the friend that tells you to do shots and you’ll be fine. Knowing your dying and your going to regret it in the morning
Rage 3.0
Rage 3.0 2 timmar sedan
I have but one word. ...... BAAAAAAARRFFFFF
NotSuspicious 2 timmar sedan
I've noticed this effect is very easy to achieve using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, maybe studying other fluids as well could aid in understanding what's going on here. i unfortunately wouldn't know where to begin to be able to explain what's going on. If it will help anyone find out more the conditions I observed this happening in with diesel was ~4.5 degrees Celsius on a flat surface with a steady drip of about 2 drops per second from roughly 4 feet above the puddle.
Jitesh Ramakrishnan
Jitesh Ramakrishnan 2 timmar sedan
Shoutout to Robert the weed eater dude.
Pandometer 2 timmar sedan
this video rings very true in 2021
Maui SurfDog
Maui SurfDog 3 timmar sedan
Lt. has bald spots...stress. Great story, great crew, good chow is the most important key to good morale.....USCG vet. 76-80, BM2.
Sirax123 3 timmar sedan
Maybe a series of balls with smaller balls in-between each ball.
AtomicDynamite1 3 timmar sedan
Great video, also Great Dad!
MCB18 3 timmar sedan
I heard a quote from somewhere, “calm people live, panicked people die”. I didn’t understand that until watching this.
tangerine man tambourine man
tangerine man tambourine man 3 timmar sedan
"Father, why do you do this to me."
Kurtis Cooper
Kurtis Cooper 3 timmar sedan
Sometimes I get laminar flow when I pee
Astrobirb 3 timmar sedan
*local 58 flashbacks*
ukaviationimages 3 timmar sedan
A worm is sticky, you were grinding, iron stuck to the worm, personally don’t think they ate the iron.
Civil DK
Civil DK 4 timmar sedan
"smarter every day".. @ 11:39 w/ playback speed, @ .25.. ! Just.. ALOT more funny! THUMBS UP!!!
Ryan Stratton
Ryan Stratton 4 timmar sedan
Does anyone else think a hamster sized fox would be an awesome pet? It's like having a dog that can fit in a habitrail, and that can go for a walk on an exercise wheel.
Another Guy
Another Guy 4 timmar sedan
I'm curious as to how they discovered this to begin with. Looks like a new hobby, is that bug magnetic?
Another Guy
Another Guy 4 timmar sedan
I bet seagulls are magnetic...
youutubestinks 4 timmar sedan
is that legal in your country? o_0
Zac Crawford
Zac Crawford 4 timmar sedan
My dad was a nuclear welder on subs, kinda odd this is in my feed ion watch this stuff😭
AdamStunt 4 timmar sedan
I love how Jeremy is just like “cannon is in safe mode btw” as if that isn’t the first thing they should be checking after the experiment 😂
Big R 504
Big R 504 4 timmar sedan
Kore lml
Kore lml 4 timmar sedan
6:25 its like a hadoken aura the ball has (I believe its the supersonic wave), and at 10:52 just behind the ball can be seen a small flame just before hitting the baseball glove, great video btw
Jeremy Huang
Jeremy Huang 5 timmar sedan
This thing turns baseballs into water balloons, standing in front of that thing must take lots of courage
Ac1dRe1n 5 timmar sedan
New idea, just grow a tree in each room 😂
Super Stuff
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tinker crates are the goat
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 5 timmar sedan
Who actually got Kiwi Crates before it started sponsoring everybody? MEEEE and it's fun
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 5 timmar sedan
Teacher: Which is stronger, asphalt or glass Me:
pangrula 5 timmar sedan
This guy genuinely smiles from his heart, I wish I could buy his pecan
ejknight88 5 timmar sedan
They live their life in dirt. Maybe it's the iron in the dirt infused in the worms or something?? Edit: Typed this before I saw the whole video. Before they mentioned the iron.
ZaiZoe's Clashing
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5:45 bahahahahahaha
ZaiZoe's Clashing
ZaiZoe's Clashing 5 timmar sedan
I loved Opal for a long time
youutubestinks 5 timmar sedan
all that hi-tech to go to invade-n'-steal oil in 'evil' (and oldie armed) mid east countries ... wow -_-
Joel Willis
Joel Willis 5 timmar sedan
As a surface sailor if a video like this existed before I joined I probably would have picked submarines.
DAVID JACKSON 5 timmar sedan
what if you spin it super fast
Jared Hosford
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Good work guys!! Thanks
Jaime Mierow
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why didn't you ask why they sent a fake one as a gift!?
Jaime Mierow
Jaime Mierow 6 timmar sedan
when you pulled g's i blacked out and saw an ad!
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 6 timmar sedan
Twisted my poor ol grey matter --- good job
Henio 6 timmar sedan
first of all: this could be used in war. but i need something to improve my baseball skills so i might get this next of all... i think this is illegal
Vikanuck 6 timmar sedan
Now just imagine this happening on a universal scale lol. Have fun down the rabbit hole!! Haha 😆
Vikanuck 6 timmar sedan
This just broke my brain... Might I suggest for your next video - “Removing Oil from Water” lmao 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
TheFrenchmen 6 timmar sedan
sub ..good job
Felix Smith
Felix Smith 7 timmar sedan
It’s a bit weird because I spend a large amount of time as a civilian on military installations, above ground of course, and your given ID that shows you’re supposed to be there but I realise that it would be pretty difficult to infiltrate a vessel when your not supposed to be there
BS smith
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Why would anyone NOT like this super cool video🤷🏻‍♀️
Vikanuck 7 timmar sedan
It has taken me far, far too long, but I am now a subscriber 😊
Joe Heaton
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" This makes me angry because I don't understand it".. LMAO... That sounds exactly like what I would say.
steak boy
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his dimples scare me
Name Last
Name Last 7 timmar sedan
The saw blade adapted too it last way longer than. String. Because string always breaks. .
Freddi Fish
Freddi Fish 7 timmar sedan
Awesome video. So many people are clueless as to how much backbreaking work there is at this level of food production, especially now that we are a few generations removed from this being the way of life for a vast number of people. "Here's how Clay was getting the beans into the grain bin." Ten seconds later grabs what I am sure is a handful of yellow peas to show the camera. :)
WIlliam WHite
WIlliam WHite 7 timmar sedan
Just Think, This guy is in charge of the ATF now
Adrian Roggeband
Adrian Roggeband 7 timmar sedan
If you did this in zero gravity, could you make a spherical one?
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper 7 timmar sedan
What on earth possessed you to put a magnet to an earth worm?????
DeadNerd Gaming
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Awesome, the music is the same for Rogue Legacy
Dominick Little
Dominick Little 8 timmar sedan
That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
Ryan 8 timmar sedan
Bro. You handled that minigun perfectly...
Jess Rums
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its pea can not pa can
bossboy killla
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PETA has joined the chat
Misha Romanov
Misha Romanov 8 timmar sedan
The people have not changed?! T.Y. I was not sure! Satan calls me Azazel we friends you know
JAMINGUN 6 8 timmar sedan
This kinda makes sense
Kenny 8 timmar sedan
Update this video please !
Jared Gfeller
Jared Gfeller 8 timmar sedan
Please try to hit this with that guys bullet bat
Jared Gfeller
Jared Gfeller 8 timmar sedan
Make a super duper bat
محمد زائد
محمد زائد 9 timmar sedan
سبحان الله
David Degraphenreed
David Degraphenreed 9 timmar sedan
Non ferrous worm..LMAO
qamar suleman
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Wonderful..amazing loved to be part of crew
Happy Croissant
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Zanokuhle Mabuza
Zanokuhle Mabuza 9 timmar sedan
04:25 - "I'm just going to lay there and receive the Gs..." 😂 Destin brother what matters is that you've received the One 'G' that matters. And this kind of an experience is nothing short of a blessing that most of us could only ever dream of. Isaiah 40:28-31 Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding. He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.
Hamid Officiel
Hamid Officiel 9 timmar sedan
Absoltly big work man . Iliik it 👍👍💐
PauL1e 9 timmar sedan
Its trimer in winland
Michael Farley
Michael Farley 9 timmar sedan
What an awesome piece of engineering
tiMSta 9 timmar sedan
so should implement a punch that handles like that impact into a game bruh, or gta mod at least
Seth Bettwizilch
Seth Bettwizilch 9 timmar sedan
Conclusion: worms cannot digest iron
Vikanuck 9 timmar sedan
So - what I learned from this video, is that you need at LEAST ten catchers to try and stop a supersonic ball. Also, seeing that adorable little girl learn to ride her bike is what it takes to cool my fiery heart lmao 😂
Sam Anderson
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They buy it from underwater vendors.
Dave Ford
Dave Ford 10 timmar sedan
10:09 valid little nightmares sound effect
Malachi Clifton
Malachi Clifton 10 timmar sedan
Ok, I know it's been a while since you worked on this but I have a question, if you launched it into the sky would it reach escape velocity?