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james rivera 12 timmar sedan
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Boxed_In 12 timmar sedan
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Michael Murray 12 timmar sedan
Just incredible. As a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam era, I'm humbled, amazed and proud of the work that you do. It was the Air Force that got me to Vietnam and like wise got me out of there. Like all of my military brethren, (especially the Marines who saved my life daily as an Explosion Tech) I'm immensely grateful for their service, commitment and dedication to the value of our combined efforts. God deeply Bless all of those that serve. TEN HUT !
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Dude is flexing without realizing. I wish I was in his shoes, his job is so cool and so important at the same time. Any soldier/Marine that has served in combat and his weapon did not malfunction is basically because of people like him. My hat is off to you sir. Thanks for your service to this country.
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MrGlennJohnsen 14 timmar sedan
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This series has been so awesome. I never would have thought the Navy would have let a civilian with a bunch of cameras on a nuclear submarine but there you were. Absolutely amazing. Of course there was a lot they couldn't let you publish but there was quite a bit that they did let you show us. Very cool!
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Thank you so much, this really helped me understand a lot of different things that I tinker with which I only sort of generally understood by effect before. Seeing the process was very informative in understanding what adjustments can be made andwhyto rather than just fiddling with it until it works better by accident. (I never would have thought replacing my mom's softub ozonator would help me understand combustion engines, but that was how I had familiarity with the venturi injector. Fascinating what you can compound in your knowledge by exposure to a bunch of different things... )
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Several things struck me about this perfect storm of a video: Dustin is genuinely infectiously enthusiastic. He wants to share the incredible gift of science with us. The same way the Navy recognized an extraordinary advertising vector with a much younger Tony Scott (Top Gun) many years ago, today Destin is provided the opportunity to lead the smartest, more curious among us to ask more questions, get excited about following STEM, and potentially enlisting to follow these dreams. Team building by playing laser tag together? Perhaps try surfacing a nuclear sub through the ice...I have also been the guy in the room silently calculating what is going on around me, and it can be thrilling and terrifying to recognize the reality...but then, the same way I ask others to place their trust in me, Dustin recognizes the confidence and professionalism in those around him. After all, it's just a walk in the park Kazanski... Thank you again sir. I know this was a team effort, but you were the team captain to see it through to the finish and we all benefited from the experience.
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Since you kept losing vacuum why not get close to pressure PSI and then towards the end of that build up turn on the vacuum. So you ORIGINALLY wanted to start with 750psi and -13 vacuum or better and got Mach 1.3 with about 550psi and -5'ish vacuum. Where's the Mach 2 video?
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