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6:18 I think we should name this the dragons fury shot. The just listen
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It sucks that you and your family aren't vegan. Guess you're not that smart after all, the smart people are on the right side of history and not just another problem that society needs to overcome in order to progress. The animal agriculture industry will lay in ruins by the end of this decade, there's still a brief moment for you to get in front it. Use it, don't use it..
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Canon EOS 1 and EOS 5 are good choice.
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5:32 Turn high contrast mode on and you will see Destin normally which is so cool!
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Christpoher Nolan saw this video and was like 'YES!'
Bluelight 5 timmar sedan
I'm interested in a bumble bee wing picture at nano scale. But I can't live with harming them. I have one sample from a dead one I found in the street before winter time last year, but I suspect there's only dust left of it!
Delivery McGee
Delivery McGee 6 timmar sedan
There's a reason Photo 101 college classes still start with BW film. All the principles transfer, expired ISO 3200 film pushed to 6400 ... looks just like a DSLR turned +1 past its the max ISO-equivalent that it actually shows the number for my newspaper-issue Nikon D1x circa 2003 would do 1600 +1, so ~ that 3200 film I've also used, my current D7000, does 6400+2 which is... A hot mess and it looks BAD on the screen, but good enough for newsprint! But try to keep both film and digital below ISO640 or 800 if at all possible, that's the best balance between noise, grain, and shutter speed, in my opinion.
Delivery McGee
Delivery McGee 5 timmar sedan
Also, you will soon want better lenses -- the one that comes in the kit is pretty slow, I'm guessing that's newspaper-grade f/2.8 glass when Destin waves around at the beginning, and you can see the f/1.8 on the ancient lens. Those are $$$ when new. (And Canon changed the lens mount at some point, Nikon has used the same mount since autofocus, and older lenses can be modified or new ones plugged into ancient cameras.)
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I left my phone in my pocket and my leg touched my screen while walking. When I got my phone out again this video was on the screen and I decided to watch it. The destiny has brought me here and I am thankful, this channel is amazing!
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Why they are not using night-vision goggles in the darkroom? Or Maybe those googles need a minimum of light to work? Edit: Sorry, at 20:00 they use night vision goggles. I should have watched everything before commenting
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My wife worked at Kodak in Rochester, NY. the film development area. She moved up into chemicals and even has several patents with Kodak for new film chemicals. So this was extremely interesting to me. She walked in on me watching this and said: that chemical tank is what I learned on!! She ran a machine that ran enormous rolls (as I remember it). She also did color touching and every other part before moving up to the R&D labs... This was really pretty cool to see again after so many years... Nice job everyone!!!
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Hey Destin, love the video, love the project! Keep up the learning! CHALLENGE: It seems to me the problem your are tackling would be a psuedo earth based simulation of the space debris problem growing ever more perilous for our satellite constellations. Also, to answer the question you've posed in the video, you DON'T catch a ball moving at that speed, you deflect it. My suggestion (if you still want to use gloves), you need to launch that ball at a Glove hanging from a chain, get that glove to "catch" up to the ball enough not to disintegrate, and then translate the linear energy into rotational energy to dissipate. I expect, to make this work you'd need more like a bear trap glove already in motion, that intercepts the ball in flight, closes (bear trap) to join the two masses and then spins around an anchor point. However you do it, I know that you can! Catching is simple if you can do two things: Connect the transit item to your catching item (without mutual destruction), dissipate the energy of the throw. Keep at it! Can't wait to see it!
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What if you created a type of police system that alternated with another pulley system so that once the pulley weight goes down it then converts to another pulley system so that the weights somehow finds a way to lift itself up again. I need to make a video on that
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I learned on a film slr and still keep some of my habits when shooting digital today. I still sometimes feel like I have limited film to shoot with! I miss that film look. It's unmatched even today, for the most part. I shoot with a fuji now to try to get somewhat close to that look and color.
RENEE Berty 9 timmar sedan
The Magic about film photography is that you actually capture the photones in the film, unlike digital photography they are coded... (If I can say so)
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The montage Indian classical music was awesome
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LIES!! we've been listening to LIES!! but seriously that was cool and answered a question i know i posted on another of his videos. I kind of figured thats what they did though.
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The way the silver grains are suspended in the acetate layers reminds me of how ink particles are suspended in the layers of skin in a tattoo image.
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Moristo Lekka Electronic 9 timmar sedan
Actually old photos quality is more better than Ultra High Definition/Resolution, there's no pixel fraction in there :) but why the picture always blurry LOL.
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Kale wasn't trying to get comfortable. Sea turtles don't have the neck muscles to hold thier heads up for long. Sitting at the bottom of a stinky plastic bin after a lifetime of sea breeze I can see why she was trying to get fresher air. Maybe elevate her with an upturned dish strainer and cut a hole in the bin.
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Today's kids will never know the joy of going down to the local fast foto hut to go pick up your developed photos 📷
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We need a funeral for bob
ProfRonconi 9 timmar sedan
I'm old enough to have started my photography passion with an amazing, all-manual 35mm Nikon. Nowadays my shots are done mostly on a digital Nikon 3100. True, I cannot get the quality of an Ansel Adams's print, but neither could I when using my analogue equipment!
Taylor Krabiel
Taylor Krabiel 10 timmar sedan
XBT's are not the only way to get the sound velocity profile. In NOAA we use a few other devices that are called CTD's that give us a bit more accurate. There are also a few other options too. This video is fun to watch how other people use sonars.
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The best way to use google is to not use google. Dont be evil google.
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0:09 I Still envy you so much for that... getting to play around with all the weapons and vehicles in existence! This costs tons of money in Israel...
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Hey Destin! Can you point me in the right direction to shoot 35mm film? Would like to get a camera that doesn’t cost too much. Total newbie so it would just be more of point and shoot. Thanks and God Bless!
Dao Yang
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Would like your recommendations. I don’t care if it’s used. Thanks!
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Smart way is to not use google as it is against freedom of speech
soctnights 10 timmar sedan
I purchased my first economical 35mm (PETRI) in the early 70s when I was in the USN. It was all mechanical. The pics I have of Athens, Mykonos, Pisa and Malta amaze people to this day. I took more pics of the ladies in those countries than landscapes or architecture. Many of those people pics disappeared after I got married.
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You know I really appreciate seeing gun owners doing stuff like this, it really promotes understanding of guns, not just fear. Like, most gun owners are for reasonable restrictions and safety.
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I took my first picture on film in 2006 and never looked back, I never took any of my digital work as seriously.. film is not dead!
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Excellent. The Navy really is a team.
Jim Neumann
Jim Neumann 11 timmar sedan
Absolutely a different experience and one I’ve still never given up on. I’ve been a film shooter for 40+ years ❤️😊 PS: i worked in graphic arts and printing for 30+ years and affectionately called the revolving door, “the soupcan”. 😛
Dilip 11 timmar sedan
I can see a horror film is in the making..
Syphatrol 11 timmar sedan
does a compound block and tackle system exist, is it even possible?
TheMrCos1 11 timmar sedan
How does the ultrasonic sensor cleaning from dslr's work?
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Those goggles look like they use an IR illuminator, does this not affect the film?
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Parimal Udapurkar 11 timmar sedan
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P M 12 timmar sedan
I would like to suggest an explanation for the preference many of us feel for film photography (vs. digital photography) : what if our eye is anatomically made to feel things through round cells, and round dots of light or darkness feel more "natural" to the eye/brain system ? What if unconsciously, our brain notices the small square pixels that are the basic "bricks" of a digital image, and these bricks are the signal that inform our brain that this digital image is "artificial" compared to a dot-filled film photo ? Will anyone understand my point ?
Alex Knex
Alex Knex 12 timmar sedan
I would really like to work with you some day in one of your videos
ziaride 12 timmar sedan
I found a few rolls of film under the seat of my pickup that had sat abandoned for over a decade. On a whim I had them developed to see what was on them and only a handful of photos came out from each roll they had the most amazing effects, muted, washed out, streaked. One roll was from one of me and my now wife's early dates and some of our most treasured pictures. The super aged timeless look from the forgotten film rolls I could not replicate in photoshop if I tried.
Rohit SLB
Rohit SLB 12 timmar sedan
Were they actually making that pop / taat sound actually??